transfer pricing

transfer pricing

Our office services are meant to be provided to the related parties (see: references), being a part of national or international capital groups. Basic product offered to this type of entities are transfer pricing documentations, in frames of transfer pricing projects.


Usually these are projects consisting in preparing from ten to several dozen transfer pricing documentations for the transactions between the related parties  (the largest project carried out by the Office contained over 90 transfer pricing documentations prepared).


After having determined, with the Office, the quantity of transactions obligatory for documentation (using tables prepared to be filled by Customer) Company receives the price offer. The price of a project depends on documentation quantity. The prices are subject to negotiations and discounts (see: rules of cooperation).


Transfer pricing documentation prepared by the Office is based on the OECD guidelines, except the obligatory parts (neutral from Company’s safety point of view), it contains additional arguments, explanation and calculation (comparative analysis /benchmarking), creating Company’s defense line in possible dispute with tax authorities (see: sample transfer pricing documentation, section: PRODUCTS FOR CAPITAL GROUPS, short version of documentation, full version of documentation - FREE ORDER of transfer pricing documentation prepared by the Office).


Implementing a project, when cooperating with our Office, Company obtains also a precise model helping it to prepare transfer pricing documentation by itself in future.


Company receives transfer pricing documentations (Word document) with calculations (editable spreadsheets) on CD or DVD, after a project implementation - see: "CD"). This way all relevant documents attached to documentation and gained during the project implementation are easy accessible in case of a tax inspection.


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