products for capital groups

products for capital groups

documentation for a loan and for property rent
dokumentacja cen transferowych dla transakcji pożyczki

For companies which form part of CAPITAL GROUPS (and are not direct competitors for Taxoffice24) we have prepared full versions of sample transfer pricing documentation: for a loan and for property rent. Just by sending us some basic information about the company, such as a group name, a company mail address and a person responsible for transfer pricing documentation (including: financial director and chief accountant) we will send you FREE OF CHARGE:

  • a full version of the indicated transfer pricing documentation (for a loan, for a property rent or for both)
  • attachments to the transfer pricing documentation.


The sample documentation not only includes all the elements required by the CIT Act but are also in accordance with OECD guidelines and consist of comparability (benchmarking) analysis which justifies the market character of related-party transactions.


Please note that the sample transfer pricing documentation for a loan and a property rent, which can be sent to you free of charge by making an order on this website, have been prepared for the need of this website only. It means that the transactions themselves as well as their parties have been created by our team and have not been copied from any real project carried out by Taxoffice24. Nonetheless, the environment of transactions is real in order to make the documentation more realistic and understandable.


We believe that our sample documentation will enable your company to prepare independent transfer pricing documentation for similar transactions (see also: short version of sample tax documentation). We have chosen a loan and a property rent because oftheir common nature, hoping that they may be useful for almost any capital group creating transfer pricing documentations.


Before making an order for a full version of sample documentation you can download the short version as well. It includes some blanks which do not appear in the full version (from the 12th of January 2011 a sample documentation for a loan and from the 28th of February 2011 for a property rent are available).


We kindly ask you for your patience. With slower connections it can take a few minutes to load the sample.


Please note !

Only documents and attachments indicated will be sent to your mail address. No other material such as offers, promotion and informative brochures, alerts etc. will be sent without your direct request.


Further distribution and unauthorised use of transfer pricing documentation received from Taxoffice24 without permission other than in accordance to the capital group’s individual needs, especially aimed at gaining financial profits, is strictly forbidden and may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence please keep in mind that all documentation still constitutes the intellectual property of Taxoffice24.